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Dolphinz The Stepping Stone

"Every child has a unique and has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, it is important that we are able to identify their strengths and nuture them to help them grow to be a strong individual who can make a difference to the society with his / her own unique strength – a differentiator. I know many of us smile reading this as we all realize how true this is. Yet the questions that remains is "How can we identify the potential of each child amongst all our children? How can we help them by guiding them to nuture their strengths and overcome their weaknesses?"

Says Founder & Director (Academics), Ms Malini Arun Menon

  • 1 Well Air Conditioner Class Rooms
  • 2 International Standard Fun-play & Montessori Method Teaching
  • 3 Digital Resources
  • 4 Fun-filed & Secured Extended Home
  • 5 Transportation(If Required)
  • 6 After School(12:30 PM to 06:30 PM)
  • 7 Salient Features
  • 8 Hourly Day Care(09:30 AM to 06:30 PM)

Inspirational Qualities


Extremely Intelligent

Skilled and Quick Learners

Adaptive or Co-Exist


Always Smiling and Cheerful

Enterprising and Explore the unknown

+ Ve Attitude

Being Yourself.. Identity of its own

Surface or Survival Instinct

Extremely Helpful or Selfless

Stay Connected

Highly Professional

Likes to WIN



Last but not the least - Most Friendliest Creatures




Man Years of Teaching Experience


Academic Experience

Why Choose Us

"Unique" Experience

An Extended Home to our children. An Open and Friendly Atmosphere. Place where they are free to carve their "Own Identity" without any fear in mind. Fearless Environment

Play-Learn-Have Fun

Challenges Compulsive Conventional Education. Strongly believes in "Play-Learn-Have Fun" Methodology. Inclusive Pedagogy by combining Montessori Principles. "Childs Right to Play"

Hope and Self-Belief

Instill Good Human Values and Social Values. Encourage Children to believe in themselves and be "Independent". Allows them to re-create their thoughts. Boost Self-Confidence

Realizing Their Potential

Encourage children to Challenge Status-co. Allows them to have their own "Eureka" Moments… "Play", "Learn", Have "Fun" in the process. Channelizing them to "Realize their Potential"

Self-Paced Learning

Freedom to choose what they want Helps them to Orchestrate their own Activities Develops Self Discipline and Self-Respect Against Compulsive Tasks or Activities.

Preserving Originality

Freedom to Learn at their own pace. Only interventions to guide and channelize them. Every child has its own way of doing and learning things.. Encourage to create their own identity.

Explore New Ideas

Free their minds from "Fear of Failure". Inspires them to take the path less travelled. Backs them to explore New-Ideas. Helping them gain "Confidence and Pride".

Learning from Failures

Helps Children to learn that "Failures are Stepping Stones for Success". Experiencing Something Wrong helps us to know the "Right Path". Help them in taking "Fearless Decisions".

Interests and Passions

Helps Children to ASPIRE and chase them. Guides them by sharing the "Obstacles" in the way. Preparing and Equipping them to explore it. Makes them feel "Valued".. Btw, How many of you are?

Exploratory Environment

Provides a Friendly Environment with all resources required. Encourage them to follow their intuitions. Help get the "Best out of them" by nurturing their ideas. No Magic Wand..

Inclusive Pedagogy

Every Child is "Unique" and have a "Special Skill". Believes in Including everyone and encouraging all. Helps in getting their "Creative Best". Allows everyone to "Take the Lead".

Trained & Passionate Staff

Success of Every Child is in Hands of a "Teaching and Helping Staff". Experienced in encouraging, identifying and fostering the children. Helps Children to "Live their Potential".

Why Choose Us

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Funnel Ball Game Unit

Library with coloruful and captivating books

Playground equipment and fun rides


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